New Facebook Virus - Hot News

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A new virus was spreading out targetting Facebook users it spread across through email. 

It was found that it was mailed from If you receive any messages that have subject "Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Important Message". It has a attached file The attached file was infected by harmful virus.

Apple's Safari to fall first in hacking contest in 2010

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The contest organizer expects Apple's Expedition will be the first browser to fall next month at the Pwn2Own hacking challenge. It will be the contest that will be held every year the hackers who hack the softwares will be rewarded from $10,000 in he hacks in first day.

This contest is held to check the stability and the quality of the softwares.
A scientist who has won at Pwn2Own the ultimate two age wasn't so careful.

Researcher Charlie Miller hijacked a Mac in just 5 seconds through Safari to win $5,000 last year 2009 pwn2own hacking contest.

New Update from Microsoft 'phone home' antipiracy patch

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As promised, Microsoft Corp. has started substance Windows 7 users an update to the reserves's antipiracy software via Windows Update.

You can download your update over here. Download KB971033

Just 3 Simple Registry edits to speed performance Of your Windows 7 PC

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Every moment you alter a configuration setting, that will be automatically engrossed to the Registry. For example if you change your system time the Registry is updated; if you change your desktop wallpaper, the Registry is updated; if you change your home page in Internet Explorer, the Registry is updated. The Registry is also updated whenever you install a new software or constituent twist. And it all happens automatically, in the environment.

When Windows needs to do conscionable most anything, it accesses the Registry to obtain the priggish plan entropy. In this signified, the Registry functions equal a curb relate for your intact computer system; it defines how every line of your method looks and complex.
Organizing the Registry

Alureon Rootkit Crash Your Windows PC (New Security Patch Crash)

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Microsoft in a press release on Wednesday inveterate that a rootkit caused Windows PCs to intrude after users practical a warrant repair patch update issued ending period.

Users may need to reinstall windows to fix the problem.

Only systems infected with the Alureon rootkit were incapacitated with Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) errors that prevented booting, said Mike Reavey, the manager of the Microsoft Guard Activity Edifice (MSRC), in an declaration on the center's blog. "Our investigation has terminated that the resuscitate occurs because the system is pussy with malware," said Reavey.

Full Buzz On New Google Buzz !!!

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Buzz is a integrated bag -- a combination of good ideas and bad implementation -- and it needs many betterment before it can be a sincere contender among Twitter and Facebook.

In the people pages, I investigate any of the principle of excavation with Buzz and whatever of the problems -- a few of them troubling -- I recovered along the way. I also made leash videos in inflict to alter expound how Sound complex: falsehood and options, transmittal, and multitude and profiles. You'll make a video at the end of each diplomatist of this article.

Microsoft aiming to crack down on Windows 7 activation cracks

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Microsoft on a report on 11th February, said it will release an update soon for windows 7 users that detects cracked illegal copies of installed windows 7 using more than 70 diverse activation cracks.

The update to Windows Activation Technologies (WAT), the anti-piracy software formerly known as Windows Authenticated Vantage (WGA), faculty be posted to Microsoft's download place on Feb. 17, and offered as an nonmandatory upgrade via Windows Update later this month, where it will be tagged as "weighty."

Out the revenue, the update leave labor Windows 7 Housing Reward, Athlete, Ultimate and Endeavour users, said Joe Songster, the general administrator of Microsoft's activation and anti-counterfeit aggroup. "I'd equivalent to inflection that the Update is uncoerced, which implementation that you can choose not to install it when you see it materialize on Windows Update," said Songwriter in an entry to the Old Windows journal.

That's counter to the practise Microsoft utilised in 2006, when it intensiveness fed Windows XP customers a WGA update by labeling it as a high-priority precaution update. Various users sued Microsoft over that activity; the case was officially fired fitting end hebdomad. Since then, the circle's anti-piracy software updates hump been inferior combative.

According to Williams, the WAT update sniffs out much than 70 "activation exploits," Microsoft's statue for what others play "cracks" that sidestep the fluid activation treat, or use stolen keys to lawlessly alter assumed copies of Windows 7.

After the update has been installed, PCs lengthways unsmooth copies give get displaying a contraband aspect and the familiar gamut of nagging notifications that tick the operative method as imitative. "Machines flying unquestionable Windows 7 software with no activation exploits gift see nothing," promised Vocalizer.

Microsoft regularly refreshes its anti-piracy profession to refer new activation exploits -- it did the selfsame two geezerhood ago in a Vista breaking crack-down -- but the determine of utilize "signatures" in the upcoming WAT update is magnitudes large than any previous.

Among the 70-some cracks shut down by the update are a two that surfaced measure Nov, upright weeks after the actuation of Windows 7. At the indication, Microsoft said it was sensitive of the cracks -- "RemoveWAT" and "Chew-WGA" -- and was employed on ways to wound them. A Microsoft spokeswoman habitual today that the WAT update give let signatures for both cracks.

Singer also noted that the WAT update give periodically "phone domestic" to Microsoft's servers to re-validate the make of Windows 7 as legit, and use those opportunities to update activation signatures to discover newer cracks. Initially, WAT testament introduce to Microsoft's severs every 90 days.

If WAT uncovers tampered, injured or missing activation or licensing files, the software steps up its process, and runs a restraint every week, and if required, repairs those files.

Reverend argued that the update is premeditated to make "customers and partners tight," a principle the lot regularly uses when it explains why anti-piracy software is obligatory. He cited studies by IDC and others, which Microsoft has called on in the ago, that bang said up to a third of phony copies of Windows are purulent with malware.

A leaked reduplicate of Windows 7 Exude Politico (RC) posted on file-sharing sites in May 2009 was, in fact, infected with a Trojan troops.

Wow to Surf Websites that are blocked in Your Office Computers or Blocked by your ISP

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1. Web2Mail:  This is a free service that works as follows: send a blank email to with your desired site URL as the subject. After less than a minute the Web2Mail service will send you an email that contains the web page you requested in HTML format, which you can read in your email client.

As you might imagine, “browsing” your desired site using this service involves receiving the initial email, clicking on a link on that page that most likely be blocked in your browser but that you would use as the subject line in another email to Web2Mail, and repeating. Not the highest quality surfing experience, but will work in a pinch.

One thing I might add: the Web2mail servers are at times unresponsive and there was a point when I was testing it a few days ago and having my emails sent back to me. Since then the issue seems to have been fixed and it is working just fine.

2. Use a Proxy service site: Such as, can’t bust me, or Many of these sites in fact all belong to the same network and work in the same way: they will act as a go-between between you and the sites you want to access.

The easiest way to find these is to search Google for “proxy service sites” or a similar keyword. Once you are able to access one of these sites you will find an address box where you can enter the URL for the site you want and the proxy site will grab the content for you and present it within the proxy proxy service sites list1site URL, allowing you to surf your desired content while its actual URL is being masked by the proxy site. Note that some of these sites will also provide anonymous internet surfing by disguising your IP address and location info.

These are the two simple and best methods to crack your office computers security level we hope that this will help you to surf even in your office with full freedom.