Eric Schmidt has been awarded by GOOGLE

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Google paid its CEO with a great compensation worth $245,322 for his dedication in work in 2009.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been awarded with a compensation package worth  $245,322 in 2009 by Google, according to documents filed this week with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. His total compensation fell down 52% compared to 2008, when his pay package was valued at $508,764.
The bulk of Schmidt's 2009 pay is tied to perks, which include $233,542 for personal security and $10,119 for air travel costs for his family and friends. In 2008, Google paid $402,562 for Schmidt's personal security and $106,201 for his family and friends' air travel costs.

Schmidt also received a $1 salary and $1,660 bonus in 2009. He didn't receive any new stock or option awards during the year, nor did Sergey Brin or Larry Page. (Schmidt currently owns 9.4 million Google shares, Brin owns 28.5 million and Page owns 29.1 million.)

As a company, Google grew revenue 9% and increased its profit 28% in its 2009 fiscal year, ended Dec. 31. Revenue came in at $23.7 billion, up from $21.8 billion in 2008. Net income hit $6.5 billion, up from $4.2 billion a year earlier.

Hacker Prefer PDF Readers to Exploit

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Hackers prefer adobe to hack in a system more easily than any other software. Adobe PDF reader recent updates failed to stop hackers. Don't forget about the issues 16-months old bug with adobe flash player which was recovered recently patched up after 16-months. It was proven that recently, for about 8 - 12 months hackers prefer pdf readers to exploit their attack into a system easily.
Hackers adore Adobe Reader, and have pushed it into first place as the software most often exploited in targeted attacks, a Finnish security company said today.

Microsoft Pulls Mac OS Users Out to Windows 7

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Microsoft Windows climbed out of its rut endmost period to turn market shares, Web activity complement said today.

Windows' increment in exercise percentage for February was almost exactly mirrored by a slump of Apple's Mac OS X.

Boiler-suit, Windows accounted for 92.1% of the operative systems that supercharged machines impermanent the 40,000-plus sites that NetApplications monitors for clients of its analytics copulate. Though the process was discount -- righteous 0.1 of a percentage convexity raise -- it was the maximal Windows had posted since June 2009. Windows has gained deal in fitting digit of the endure 12 months.

New Facebook Virus - Hot News

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A new virus was spreading out targetting Facebook users it spread across through email. 

It was found that it was mailed from If you receive any messages that have subject "Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Important Message". It has a attached file The attached file was infected by harmful virus.